Our curriculum choices for Kindergarten & 5th Grade

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curriculum choices
All our books are in and we're super excited to get started. Just wanted to share our curriculum choices for our Kindergartner & 5th Grader by Subject: 

Language Arts
Handwriting without Tears & Explode the Code (K); Writing & Rhetoric 1-4 (5th); All About Spelling Level 5 (5th); and Skill Sharpeners: Grammar & Punctuation (5th)

MathUSee - Alpha (K) & Epsilon (5th) 

Social Studies
Beautiful Feet Books - Early American History (Both K & 5th) Beautiful Feet; Geography (5th)

Good & The Beautiful Science Units - Marine Biology & Kingdoms/Classifications (for both K & 5th) and Chemistry (5th); 
Simply Charlotte Mason Outdoor Secrets (for both K & 5th)  

Art, Music & Enrichment
Stop Motion Lego Figures, Beginning Guitar, Digital Drawing & Painting (5th) 
Gymnastics, Singing & Painting (K)

Plus, both will be helping with our businesses, tending to the garden, animals and running amuck on the ranch which basically counts as Math, Science & P.E.
As you can see, we didn't choose one curricuclum and we don't really follow a homeschool style... I'd say it's a little bit of the Charlotte Mason Method, a little Classical & a bit of unschooling. These curriculum choices are just what I thought would work for each our kids. 

By the way, these magazine holders are great for organizing books and I didn't use the labels that came with it but used this label maker instead. 

Hoping for a smooth homeschool year, 


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