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It's been awhile...

But yes, we decided to homeschool our kids again! Not just virtual distance learning, but actual HOMESCHOOL (through a charter) where we handpicked their curriculum. Honestly, homeschooling can be quite overwhelming and leaves alot of the planning & teaching on the backs of the parents. However, I've found that it can be FUN, exciting & satisfying! We homeschooled our oldest daughter for 1st & 2nd grade... I loved the flexibility in our schedule, the weekly field trips, and watching her learn. This year, we'll have a 5th grader, a Kindergartner, and a toddler. We're all pretty excited to start! 

There are quite a few of us in the valley that went the homeschool route and one Mom had an idea that each of her kids have a weekly planner with what they need to get done in a day. I thought it was perfect and so I went to designing... 

This undated weekly planner goes by subject and includes a rewards chart at the bottom. Subjects & Chores/Tasks are customizable. 
The 1st page is customizable as well. You can have it say whatever you want!
A few of the personalized homeschool planners I've made.
Hopefully, this will keep the kids accountable for the new school year! If you'd like to purchase a personalized homeschool planner for your kid, you can find them here. They'll also be available on Amazon & Etsy. Stay tuned... planning on blogging about our curriculum choices and our little homeschooling corner we made.
Here's a short video of inside the planner.
Happy Homeschooling, 

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