What's for dinner?

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Anyone find themselves cooking more? Even though we live in the middle of nowhere, I really miss going into town and grabbing some dinner at a restaurant, whether with the family or for a date night. I mostly miss it because I wouldn't need to cook that night. But, since we've been staying home more because of this quarantine, I find myself trying to cook what I crave from these restaurants. 

Because of this, I created a kitchen diary for myself to keep track of the recipes that actually came out good! Our family definitely has our weekly staples, but every week, I've been trying something new. I'll find a recipe online and add it in my diary if most of the family likes it. 

This is what the inside looks like; blank recipe pages. 

I also added some dividers to keep it organized and easier to find a recipe. 

I really love these Sakura Pens; they are honestly perfect for any type of journal.


Anyhow, these make great gifts too! The covers can be personalized... perfect for all the Mommas out there holding it down cooking for their tribe daily! You may purchase this recipe book on our website or if you have an Amazon gift card you'd like to use, you can also purchase here on Amazon as well. 


Stay healthy & happy cooking, 


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