Kids quarantine activity - I miss my friends!

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My kids, for the past week, kept saying, "I miss my friends!!!" :(
Seems that the new norm right now is homeschooling our kids because they can't go to school due to COVID-19. I really had to come up with some fun activities for my own kids besides the work packet they received from their teachers. So, I came up with a kid/adult coloring card! These were kinda perfect... it kept all three of my kids engaged for at least an hour or two. That's quite a feat!
They really were missing their friends so much, so I told them that they can write them cards and send them through the mail.  They were extremely excited about this idea. The thought of writing a note, putting a stamp on the envelope, and mailing it out so the "mail-man" can deliver it to their friend/family member/teacher was amazing in their minds.  It's really the simple things... in this case, snail mail!
They found that AmazonBasics Fine Tip Markers and Arteza Real Brush Pens were perfect to fill in all the fine details for each letter. My little 2 year old even had fun doing some coloring, just like his big sisters! 
I designed 2 different versions of this card: a flat A2-sized note card and a folded A2-sized card. I used primary lines for my daughter who's in transitional kindergarten and regular lines for my 4th grader.
Card with primary linesCard with regular lines

Also, some big events had to be cancelled because of the coronavirus, including birthdays for their two Great Grandma's and a best friend. One great-grandma was going to have a big 90th birthday celebration and the other turned 93. And, one best friend was turning 10! (That's a big deal!) So, they made some birthday cards as well.  

These were so much fun and the kids loved them! I highly encourage sending out cards especially now-a-days with all the social distancing and what not.  I've also included a FREEBIE on this blog post (my first official blog, if you will!). They are the A2-sized flat cards that say, "I really miss you!" and "Hi!" along with primary lines for the back side. Just click on this link. Simply print on letter sized cardstock and cut it in half (5.5" length) and in half again (4.25" width). You may use an A2 sized envelope.  

Also, if you'd like to order these cards custom, with your child's name on the inside, you can order it here.


Happy Social Distancing, 



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